Friday, June 5, 2009

6th Grade Promotion

Shaking hands

Brook and her FABULOUS teacher this year Miss A.

Brook and BFF Cerina

The 6th Grade Class of 2009

And this is the back of David Archuletta's head, yes THE David A. But the funny thing is I don't want his head in my picture. How often does he hear, "Hey David, get OUT of my picture" but that is exactly what I wanted to say.

6th Grade Field Day

The Fab Five

Getting her T-Shirt signed

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Brooklynn on the giant slip n slide. Thanks to the Murray city Fire Dept for the water...ALL OF IT!

Brook with her friends just chillin' at the party

Test Passed!

Congratulations to Brooklynn! She passed her Moves In The Field ice skating test. That moves her up to the Pre-Preliminary level. Goodbye Basic Skills!