Sunday, September 20, 2009


Braden's first dance, and first date for that matter. He went with his good friend Megan Walker from our neighborhood. They've basically known each other since we moved into our house on Crystal River Dr. when they were 7 years old. No longer is homecoming just dinner, dance and maybe something afterward. It was an all day activity

They went hiking in the morning. They packed a picnic lunch and ate at the top of the hike to Moss Ledge. Then they stopped at the busiest 7-11 in the world at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon for Slurpees on their way down the canyon and went to a park to hang out. Then it was a few hours of separation while the girls got ready for the dance.

Here they are back at our house for dinner. They picked the girls back up around 5 pm
and had lovely Asian inspired meal. Cream cheese wantons, Lettuce wraps, orange chicken, fried rice and fortune cookies.

Here's the boys just before they left to go pick up the girls

Here are pictures of our decorated basement. The pictures really don't do it justice. It turned out so cute. Jason, Braden and I spent Thursday night hanging the white lights and lanterns. The boys spent a good hour or so on Friday cleaning up the basement. I don't think I've ever seen it so clean.

Eating Dinner

A toast to Homecoming. I promise it was just sparkling cider. We have to put the wine fridge to good use somehow

Brooklynn helped by serving their dinner. She also spent some time harassing her big brother. Of course she claims it was him harassing her, but but for the most part she was helpful.

Then it was off to the dance, which I assume was just fine as the only description I get out of Braden was "It was good."

After the dance they headed over to my sister Leisa's house. They have a great fire pit built into their backyard for doing S'mores. The kids had a great time roasting marshmellows, jumping on the tramp and playing on the swing set. Are they 6 or 16? Sometimes it is hard to tell.

Devan and Britt on the swing set

I think they all had a great time. Braden is now sleeping off the whole adventure. It was a busy day, but lots of fun. Maybe he'll be recovered enough to do it again come Prom?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

Here I am with my beautiful little skater girl. She did such a great job at the Oktoberfest competition, and despite thinking she did not skate well placed 3rd in her division. She was so excited to get a medal and be able to stand on the podium to get her picture taken. Her group consisted of 4 skaters, three of them from our same club.

She got lots of comments on her dress. This is the first time she has competed in this outfit. We found it at our rinks skate swap. It fits her perfectly, looks beautiful out on the ice and is a very good color for her as well. Maybe it's also a lucky dress.

Here she is in the lobby of the rink getting ready for her turn to skate. The competition was running just a bit early this morning, but it sure took a LONG time for them to get the results up. Luckily it was worth the wait.