Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Here are some highlights from our 2010 Mexican Riviera Cruise...posted just in time for us to leave on our next vacation. Hawaii is just a few short days away!

Getting on the boat

Eating Ice Cream while watching the waves go by...

Eating ice cream while playing games...

Eating ice cream in a coconut...

Yes, we ate a lot of ice cream! It was good.

Hanging out in the pool with friends

Soaking up the sun...

And hiding from it, or maybe he is just dressed up as Jedi Master Sunstroke.

Dinner in the dining room was great even if the decor was a little "Suessical". The Creme Brulee was the favorite for the week!

(I think they were supposed to be oysters with pearls in them, but all I could think was breakfast!)

Dolphin Swim in Puerto Vallarta. It was totally AWESOME!

A sad thing happened the night before we got into PV. One of the crew members jumped overboard at about 12:30am. The boat turned around to look for him. He was never found.

So that was the first half of our trip...more to come later.