Friday, August 20, 2010

Books and School and Stuff

Im up to 34. Been reading a lot lately and I've read some good ones. We are really enjoying the Peter and the Starcatchers series. Its a prequel to Peter Pan. We especially like to listen to the audio books. It's read by the same reader that did the Harry Potter audio books...Jim Dale. He has to be my all-time favorite reader. I also read Wings and Spells by Aprilynn Pike. Cute books and easy reads. The love triangle thing gets a little tiresome, but overall I've enjoyed them. But the one that I've read lately that I highly reccommend, especially if you are a fan of the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfield is Unwind by Neil Schusterman. Check it out!

Starts on Monday. I'm not ready! Next year I have to remember to take the Friday before school starts off so I can play with the kids. Of course next year Braden will not be attending public school. Okay, that's just too weird. I don't even want to think about it! Anyway, I'm just not ready for it to start again. Summer went too fast.

The dryer is broken. You'd think I'd be happy about this since it gives me an excuse to not do laundry and I guess I am. What I'm not happy about is how long it will take me to catch up on the laundry once it's fixed. Blech!

Other stuff:
I'm not ready for school to start...did I mention that already? Well, I'm not!

K...that's all. Yeah, we're boring I know. Thanks for reading anyway.